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Eat, Play, Sleep

We are trying to get back to blogging about events and things going on with Harmony Concerts. This is a section for individuals who joined our mobile app.

You may have seen our social posts about a new section coming to our website called "Eat, Play, Sleep." This area will have lists and links for places to eat, other activities you can do before concerts (ir after ) and places to rest your head. We have been working with businesses in Eastern Ontario to get discounts for our ticket and passholders who are members of this mobile site. So watch for details! It includes places in Ottawa, Cornwall, Brockville, Morrisburg, Winchester, Long Sault, Lancaster and more. Places close to where we have amazing concerts happening. We are working hard with the other vendors to get the discount codes in place for areas close to STONECROPACRES because that is where the next load of concerts are!

So stay tuned and watch for the information!

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