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Providing emerging artists the opportunity to perform

The purpose of our Discovery Series is to provide a platform of encouragement for non-professional artists, with the assistance of professional performers.


Each year we work with some of our hired performers to select a submission to open for them.  Your job is to submit an application and a video, for a spot if you fit the genre and are interested in taking your talent to the next level.


Terms and Conditions

  • We have a few dates and various locations available for 2024 (see below). Applicants can apply for more than one but would not be awarded more than one.

  • Your music must fit the genre outlined with the dates and location.

  • Must be minimum 14 years old. If 14-17 years old you must be accompanied by, and submission approved by, an adult/guardian.

  • You must submit a video, non-professional video. (just record yourself or your band)

  • Artists benefit from our social media and website promotion.

  • Artists are compensated with a small honorarium (all locations) and dinner the evening of the event(if at StoneCropAcres Winery and Vineyard).

  • We ask you to be prepared to perform 15-20 minutes of music and engage your audience. This generally leads to a 30 minute timeframe.

  • Sound and lighting is provided but not a backline.  Artists are required to bring their own instruments and cables so they can 'plug and play'.

  • Maximum number of members: 4 

  • No drum kits, however hand drums and hand percussion instruments permitted.

  • No restrictions on where you are from, open to anyone from anywhere.

  • We appreciate all submissions but ONLY the successful applicants will be notified, at least ONE month prior to the event.

  • Content which may be construed as abusive or offensive will not be tolerated. 

  • It is possible none of the applications for a particular night will be chosen by the artist.

  • The hired headline performers and Harmony Concerts have the final say and reserve the right to make changes last minute.

  • If a successful applicant is unable to make an event they must provide 24 hrs notice.  

  • Occasionally a spot will open up last minute and we reserve the right to go to the next successful applicant to offer the spot.



Selection will be based on your video submission.  Don't waste money doing a video, we just want to watch and listen to aid in our selection.  

All members must be part of the video, only those in the video will be performing.

Complete the application and upload your video.  Thanks and we look forward to hearing from you! 

Dates, Location,Genres and deadlines for 2024

May 25th, StoneCropAcres Winery + Vineyard, Celtic Music, Deadline to apply April 15th

June 30th, StoneCropAcres Winery + Vineyard,  Celtic/folk Music, Deadline to apply May 1st

July 1st, StoneCropAcres Winery + Vineyard, Pop/Retro Music, Deadline to apply May 1st

August 24th, StoneCropAcres Winery + Vineyard, BLUES Music, Deadline to apply June 1st

November 22nd, First Unitarian Congregation of Ottawa, Classical/World Music, Deadline to apply September 30th

December 20th, First Unitarian Congregation of Ottawa, Seasonal Music, Deadline to apply October 1st



Discovery Series Application
Tell us what instruments will be used:(select all that apply)
What date/location and genre are you submitting for? Mulitple can be selected.
Upload video

Thanks for submitting an application to be a part of our Discovery Series. Successful applicants will be contacted ASAP, no later than three weeks prior to the scheduled event. While we thank everyone for submitting, we will only contact the successful applicants.

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