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We appreciate your patience as we navigate the Ontario stages of reopening and have to reschedule some concerts.  All ticket and pass holders will be contacted with updates.

What people are saying....

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Lynn Miles, artist

“As a performing artist, I always find the toughest part of the day is when I arrive at the venue to set up and Soundcheck. Sometimes the folks putting on the concert are nervous or uptight, and that can set a tone that extends out to the audience. Harmony concerts are joyful from the first hello to the last goodbye. Professional and kind, great sound and lights, while always raising money for the local community. Jan and the team do a wonderful job!”

Sharon, patron

We starting attending Harmony Concerts at Stonecrop Acres Winery and Vineyard in 2019.  We were so impressed with the eclectic mix of artists and groups we told friends and family about our secret. 

 They set up the best Covid safety procedures. I am considered " vulnerable" with you my condition. I use a wheelchair as well. I felt 100% safe there. Enjoying fresh air, night sky, wonderful music, delicious wines, and community especially in 2020 settled my body mind and soul. Again we bought annual passes for 2021 and will every year.  Kudos to Harmony Concerts ❣️

Marleen Fawcett, artist

Marleen Fawcett and Mountain breeze have thoroughly enjoyed our experience working with Harmony concerts. We are not talked down to and feel appreciated for the music  and entertainment we offer .We aren't just part of a lineup we are part of the Harmony concert experience .

Cindy, patron

Attending the Harmony Concerts series at Stone Crop Acres has been amazing! Not only have I experienced great music, by many musicians that I had never heard before, but in a wonderful environment. The concerts were well organized, and they adapted well to the Covid restrictions,  ensuring the safety of everyone. Can't wait until 2021!